About Me

My name is Darren and I have been dedicated to the healing arts since 1999. I live and teach yoga in Worthing on the South Coast of England with my partner and son.

My journey began after a hip injury playing rugby in my teens. It caused constant pain and made walking at times excruciating. I was recommended to have an operation which did not help. I was introduced to complementary medicine some years later in my early 20’s and that’s when everything changed.

I began practicing yoga and receiving massage, healing and CranioSacral therapy. All these therapies opened doors to a completely new way of understanding myself and how my body functions.

Through constant yoga practice and developing my own skills as a CranioSacral therapist my whole life changed – for the better.

I love to help and impart the knowledge that I have gained. The journey to becoming a therapist is a very personal one, each with their own gift and incite. I would be happy to become part of your journey to wellness, so please get in touch.