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SomatoEmotional Release

Our life story is mapped into our fascia tissue. As a therapist I have been working with clients whether in the short or long term to help facilitate SomatoEmotional Release; to help free their mental, emotional state from old patterns and renew their sense of self, recentring lives.

SomatoEmotional Release helps clients in many ways. Perhaps you are stuck in certain patterns in your life or are trying to erase a traumatic memory. Mental and emotional stress can create tightness in the fascia. Even if the stress happened long ago it can influence our behaviour to the present day.

A gentle touch is used to help invoke a feeling or memory in the client. They will be encouraged to voice what they feel and to listen more to what their body has to say that has previously gone unheard. Resolution comes about in many ways from an emotional release to involuntary body movement to a clear realisation.

This work has the power to create profound changes in the heart and minds of those who commit to its essence.

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